Source code for metawards.iterators._iterate_working_week

__all__ = ["iterate_working_week"]

from ._iterate_default import iterate_default
from ._iterate_weekend import iterate_weekend

from .._population import Population

[docs]def iterate_working_week(stage: str, population: Population, **kwargs): """This returns the default list of 'advance_XXX' functions that are called in sequence for each iteration of the model run. This iterator understands the concept of a traditional working week, namely Monday-Friday is a work day, while Saturday and Sunday are weekends Parameters ---------- population: Population The population experiencing the outbreak. This includes information about the day and date of the outbreak Returns ------- funcs: List[function] The list of functions that ```iterate``` will call in sequence """ kwargs["population"] = population kwargs["stage"] = stage # is this a weekday or a weekend? if is None: # have to guess from the day - assume day zero was a Monday day = % 7 # 0-4 is a weekday, 5 and 6 are weekend is_weekend = (day >= 5) else: day = # 0-4 is a weekday, 5 and 6 are weekend is_weekend = (day >= 5) if is_weekend: return iterate_weekend(**kwargs) else: return iterate_default(**kwargs)