metawards.analysis.animate_plots(plots: List[str], output: str, delay: int = 500, ordering: str = 'fingerprint', verbose=False)[source]

Animate the plots contained in the filenames ‘plots’, writing the output to ‘output’. Creates an animated gif of the plots and writes them to the file ‘output’

  • plots (List[str]) – The list of files containing graphs to plot

  • output (str) – The name of the file to write the animated gif to

  • delay (int) – The delay in milliseconds between frames. Default is 500 milliseconds (2 frames per second) which is reasonable for animated graphs

  • ordering (str) – The ordering to use for the frames. This can be ‘fingerprint’, ‘filename’ or ‘custom’

  • verbose (bool) – Whether to print out information to the screen during processing