metawards.utils.scale_node_susceptibles(nodes: Nodes, ratio: any = None, work_ratio: any = None, play_ratio: any = None)

Scale the number of susceptibles in the passed Nodes by the passed scale ratios. These can be values, e.g. ratio = 2.0 will scale the total number of susceptibles in each ward by 2.0. They can also be lists of values, where ward[i] will be scaled by ratio[i]. They can also be dictionaries, e.g. ward[i] scaled by ratio[i]

  • nodes (Nodes) – The nodes whose susceptible population will be scaled

  • ratio (None, float, list or dict) – The amount by which to scale the total population of susceptibles - evenly scales the work and play populations

  • work_ratio (None, float, list or dict) – Scale only the work population of susceptibles

  • play_ratio (None, float, list or dict) – Scale only the play population of susceptibles


Return type