metawards.iterators.advance_infprob_omp(network: Network, nthreads: int, profiler: Profiler, double scale_rate: float = 1.0, **kwargs)

Advance the calculation of the day and night infection probabilities for each ward. You need to call this function after you have changed them, and before you use them in, e.g. advance_fixed and advance_play. This is the parallel version of this function

  • network (Network) – The network being modelled

  • nthreads (int) – The number of threads over which to parallelise the calculation

  • profiler (Profiler) – The profiler used to profile this calculation

  • scale_rate (float) – Optional parameter to scale the calculated infection rates. This can very bluntly model the impact of broad measures to reduce the infection rate

  • kwargs – Extra arguments that may be used by other advancers, but which are not used by advance_infprob