metawards.utils.get_model_loop_functions(**kwargs) List[Callable[[...], None]][source]

Convenience function that returns all of the functions that should be called during the model loop (i.e. the “setup”, “foi”, “infect” and “analyse” stages)

  • network (Network or Networks) – The network(s) to be modelled

  • population (Population) – The population experiencing the outbreak

  • infections (Infections) – Space to record the infections through the day

  • iterator (function) – Iterator used to obtain the function used to advance the outbreak

  • extractor (function) – Extractor used to analyse the data and output results

  • mixer (function) – Mixer used to mix and merge data between different demographics

  • mover (function) – Mover used to move populations between demographics

  • rngs (list[random number generate pointers]) – Pointers to the random number generators to use for each thread

  • nthreads (int) – The number of threads to use to run the model

  • profiler (Profiler) – The profiler used to profile the calculation


functions – The list of all functions that should be called for this stage of the day

Return type