metawards.iterators.advance_imports_omp(network: Network, population: Population, infections: Infections, rngs, nthreads: int, profiler: Profiler, **kwargs)

Advance the model by importing additional infections depending on the additional seeds specified by the user and the day of the outbreak (serial version of the function)

  • network (Network) – The network being modelled

  • population (Population) – The population experiencing the outbreak

  • infections (Infections) – The space that holds all of the infections

  • rngs – The list of thread-safe random number generators, one per thread

  • nthreads (int) – The number of threads over which to parallelise the calculation

  • profiler (Profiler) – The profiler used to profile this calculation

  • kwargs – Extra arguments that may be used by other advancers, but which are not used by advance_play