metawards.iterators.advance_foi_omp(network: Network, population: Population, infections: Infections, rngs, nthreads: int, profiler: Profiler, **kwargs)

Advance the model calculating the new force of infection (foi) for all of the wards and links between wards, based on the current number of infections. Note that you must call this first before performing any other step in the iteration as this will update the foi based on the infections that occured the previous day. This is the parallel version of this function

  • network (Network) – The network being modelled

  • population (Population) – The population experiencing the outbreak - contains the day number of the outbreak

  • infections (Infections) – The space that holds all of the infections

  • rngs – The list of thread-safe random number generators, one per thread

  • nthreads (int) – The number of threads over which to parallelise the calculation

  • profiler (Profiler) – The profiler used to profile this calculation

  • kwargs – Extra arguments that may be used by other advancers, but which are not used by advance_play