Part 9 - Advanced Moves and Scenarios

In this ninth part of the tutorial you will;

  • Discover MoveGenerator and go_ward(), and learn how this can be used to get full control to define very intricate movements of individuals.

  • Use Disease.is_infected to create the non-infected Vaccinated (V) stage, and use go_ward() to model vaccination, both nationally and on a ward-by-ward basis.

  • Use MoveGenerator to create advanced moves that model individuals losing immunity due to vaccination or recovery after a period of time.

  • Use MoveGenerator to model movement of individuals from their home to their university ward at the start of the university year. This can include movements between workers and players.

  • Use Ward.bg_foi to set a background force of infection in wards, and use this to model hyperthetical foreign holiday destinations with different background rates of infection. Use go_ward() to model individuals going on holiday to these destinations, and the effect of different numbers of days of quarantine on return.